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Online Closed Groups


Bespoke courses designed for you to meet your specific needs. 

º  You will improve your English language fluency

º  You will communicate better in your chosen industry


All our courses are designed with the same objective in mind: to give our students the ability to improve the English language skills they need to use in different contexts in the work place with confidence.

Perfect for people who are unable to travel, we offer online classes using Zoom technology to small groups & one-to-ones.


We are delivering classes via Zoom which has advanced capabilities and is the perfect platform for online learning. There is an interactive whiteboard, document sharing, online messenger and video chat, to allow students to have a completely interactive lesson with a Lexis teacher in real-time. Our teachers are fully qualified, native English speakers and are London based. They are experienced in teaching online with Cambridge recognised EFL qualifications at all levels; including postgraduate Masters and even PhD doctorate qualifications.

You will need:

  • A computer, large tablet or smartphone with a broadband connection of 10mbs or more
  • We recommend the use of headphones as they cancel the surrounding noise
  • A webcam, if your computer does not have  a camera

How to sign up:

Live face-to-face English lessons via Zoom
See here to sign up:

You will receive a link to your email address which will allow you to access the classes.


English for Specific Purposes Description

ESP courses are taught by experienced teachers with dedicated materials

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Business English  Description

Our Business English course online helps you to develop the language needed to communicate effectively in the workplace

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Conversational classes Description

These classes are tailored to your individual needs to help you feel more confident speaking in many contexts

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