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I want to study UK university. I come UK and don't understand, I don't speak. Now I understand, I speak. (Turki from Saudi Arabia)

I want to improve my spoken English, especially listening and speaking parts, and it's improved a lot. Lexis is a very nice and lovely English school. There are many professional and friendly English teachers like Niki, Steve, Roma and Susannah, they are very nice and patient to every student. (Yang from China)


I've been studying here for 12 weeks and I want to improve my English skills for business. I can make very much friends. They are all very nice guys and girls. I had a really nice time. (Shuji from Japan)


I'm really happy about this experience and I'm also happy about this school because I knew a lot of new people of all around the world. The school is like a family, I would suggest you because it's not a very big school where teachers don't follow you, but teachers follow you step by step, classes are smaller and teachers are very professional. (Rosario from Italy)


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