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English opens doors!










At Lexis School of English, we believe teaching English gives learners the keys to lifelong opportunities; a voice that can be heard and help change the world!

Whatever your reason for learning English, Lexis will help you achieve your goals.

Our courses will enable you to:

Study at an English speaking university, college or school
Improve your job prospects or
Perfect your global communication skills


Our school is a platform for learning English, for experiencing life in London, for meeting people from all over the world, for learning about world cultures and making friends for life.

We are proud to say that our students and visitors comment on how welcoming, warm, friendly and professional the school and our team are. This is the type of learning environment that we always wanted for our students; making you feel home from home.


Our Strengths

Student focused

 Dedicated to you!


 Our teaching is designed to help you   achieve your goals


 We will help you achieve your goals


 Learning is a two way process


 You will be greeted by a friendly and 

 welcoming team


 The testimonials speak for themselves

I want to study UK university. I come UK and don't understand, I don't speak. Now I understand, I speak. (Turki from Saudi Arabia)



I want to improve my spoken English, especially listening and speaking parts, and it's improved a lot. Lexis is a very nice and lovely English school. There are many professional and friendly English teachers like Niki, Steve, Roma and Susannah, they are very nice and patient to every student. (Yang from China)

Tower Bridge, London

Our corporate clients include:

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