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Juniors Full-Time Terms and Conditions of Enrolment


a. These terms and conditions of enrolment apply to students who are under the age of 18. 

Please see section 2 for more information on student ages.  

b. The student’s legal guardian/ parent must register on behalf of the student and confirm that he/she has read, understood and agrees with our school policies. 

c. These terms and conditions apply to Full Time English, Teen Summer English and Private English for Juniors courses at Lexis School of English.

d. These courses are 15 hours per week or more.

e. The minimum age for Teen Summer English courses is 12 years old and the maximum age is 15 years old.

f. The minimum age for Private English courses is 5 years old. Please see section 2 for more information. 

g. These terms and conditions were last updated on 1st September 2022. 

h. These terms and conditions form the agreement between the student/ parent/ guardian and Lexis School of English.

i. You confirm you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions of enrolment and our school policies when registering as a student at Lexis School of English.  

j. “We”, “us” and “our” refer to Lexis School of English and “you” and “your” refer to the student/ parent/ guardian. 

k. “School policies”, “terms and conditions” and “terms” are used interchangeably to refer to each other.  

l. You will receive a Student Handbook, with useful information on the school and your course, when you have registered. 

m. You can also view our school policies and procedures here: 

n. All courses and any other services are offered subject to availability.

o. Any changes or updates we make to these terms and conditions of enrolment take effect immediately.

p. We will notify you by email or through your online student account of any such changes or updates.  

q. Please check with your agent or educational advisor for any of their own specific terms, if you book through them. 

r. We offer you advice and support when choosing one of our courses and during your time at Lexis. 

s. Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions of enrolment. 

t. These terms are governed by English Law. 

u. Please contact the school if you have any questions about these terms.   



a. 16 and 17 year olds can join our adult group classes with parental/ guardian consent. Adult group classes have a minimum age of 16 years old. There is no maximum age. 

b. Please read our safeguarding policy which provides detailed information on supervision for 16 and 17 year old students in adult classes:  

c. The minimum age for Teen Summer English courses is 12 years old.

d. The maximum age for Teen Summer English courses is 15 years old.

e. The minimum age for Private English classes is 5 years old. Students who are 5 to 11 years old need to be accompanied by a parent or grandparent in class as a chaperone.  



a. Please use our secure website to book your course

The process is secure, quick and simple. 

b. You must create an account and follow the online instructions. You will be asked to: 

1. provide some basic personal details

2. choose your course, course start date and length of course 

3. choose optional extras and add-ons (if required), e.g. additional private English lessons 

4. choose accommodation (if required)

c. The Lexis admissions team will receive your application and process it immediately and within 1 business day at the latest. 

d. If your application is successful, you will be emailed and you can then finalise your application online and make payment. Please see section 6 for safe and secure payment methods.

e. When you register, you have the option to pay:

1) 20% of the total fees or 

2) The total fees 

f. The balance or total fees must be paid in full no later than 28 days before your course start date. 

g. For courses of 24 weeks or more, please email the school for payment plans.

h. You cannot transfer any fees/ deposits paid to another student.  



a. We publish our current fees on our website, our latest brochures and our fees sheets. The school reserves the right to change all fees and prices and publish them on any media; online, electronic or print.

b. Current fees and course descriptions can be seen here:

c. You must pay any bank charges incurred. 



a. When booking your course, you can also book additional items, such as additional Private English classes, airport transfers, Cambridge exams and course cancellation insurance. 

b. You can buy these items at any time by logging in to your Lexis student account. 

c. These fees are non-transferable.

d. To see optional extras and add-ons, please visit: or log in to your student account



a. You can book combination courses of Full Time English (group classes) and additional Private English classes, in multiples of 10 hour blocks.

b. Additional Private English classes can be booked as an optional extra and add-on. 

c. Your Private English classes will be timetabled between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. 

d. Private English classes of 1½ hours or longer normally include a short break of approximately 5 minutes every 45 minutes; to be agreed between teacher and student/s at the start of the course.

e. To cancel, change or postpone a specific Private English class, you must notify the office as early as possible, giving at least 24 hours’ notice between 9am & 5pm Monday to Friday. Please call 020 8346 9802 or email 

f. All other terms in this document apply; including cancellation terms for an entire course or block of Private English classes.



a. You must inform us if your child is travelling as an Unaccompanied Minor – U.M. 

b. You must provide us with the correct flight/ train/ coach information at least 7 days before you arrive.

c. You must notify us of any changes or delays to your arrival or departure time as soon as possible by emailing between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. 

d. The driver will be holding a name board in arrivals with your name on it. 

e. The driver will wait for one hour after your arrival time.  



a. You can pay your fees safely and securely online

b. You can pay online in British pounds GBP and you can also pay online in most international currencies, such as Chinese Yuan Renminbi, Euros, Japanese yen, US dollars, Saudi Arabian riyal, South Korean won.  

c. We use to process our online payments. Flywire offer excellent exchange rates and there is no charge to you when making international payments via our site. 

d. You can also pay in cash (British pounds GBP only), debit or credit card (most international currencies) or via online bank transfer (British pounds GBP only). Please use the school’s bank account: 

Lexis London Ltd, HSBC Bank plc, North Finchley, London N12 8JX, United Kingdom

Sort Code: 40-05-07 Account Number: 91344366

e. You must pay any bank charges incurred for international bank transfers. 



a. We will provide you with official school enrolment documentation at each stage of your enrolment, detailing; course information, any optional extras and fees paid to date.  

b. We will provide final school enrolment and confirmation documentation when we have received your completed registration and full payment.



a. All cancellations must be emailed to 

b. We will confirm receipt of your cancellation request normally within 5 business days by email. 

c. We will then commence processing your cancellation request which can take a minimum of 20 business days. You will be notified by email once the decision has been made. 

d. Any monies due to you will be refunded at the end of the calendar month. 

e. We can only authorise refunds to the same person that originally made the payment and/ or the same bank account from where the funds were received and in the same way that they were originally paid. 

f. Registration Fees, Accommodation Placement Fee (if booked), bank charges, postage, courier fees, insurance premiums and any other such fees are strictly non-refundable. 

g. We will not refund any fees if you provide us with fraudulent documents. 

h. We will not pay any refunds for cancellations received on or after your course start date for any reason; including, but not limited to, expulsion for poor attendance or disciplinary issues. 

i. For cancellations received in writing more than 21 days before your original course start date, we will refund 100% of your course fees. The Registration fee of £50 is non-refundable. 

j. For cancellations of short courses/ 1 -4 weeks received in writing 21 days or less before your original course start date, we will not pay any refunds. 

k. For cancellations of courses 5 – 48 weeks long received in writing 21 days or less before your original course  start date; we will deduct and retain the following Cancellation Fees: 

1) 20% of the total fees paid (i.e. your deposit) 

2) plus 2 weeks’ course fees

l. The non-refundable Registration Fees (and the Accommodation Placement Fee, if paid) are included in the above Cancellation Fees.



a. You must inform us immediately in writing if your visa is refused. We must receive the original, official visa refusal letter in full, at least 7 days before the original course start date.

b. For cancellations because of visa refusal received in writing more than 7 days before your course start date; we will deduct and retain the following Visa Refusal Cancellation Fees:

1) £250 Visa Refusal Cancellation Fee

2) £50 Registration Fee

3) £50 Accommodation Placement Fee (if booked)

4) plus 2 weeks’ accommodation fees (if booked)

c. We will not authorise any refunds for cancellations received because of visa refusal less than 7 days before, on or after your original course start date.

d. We will not authorise any refunds for cancellations received because of visa refusal because you supplied fraudulent documents. 



a. Any course start date postponements must be emailed to  

b. We will confirm receipt of your change of course start date normally within 5 business days by email. 

c. We will then commence processing the change in accordance with the below terms and conditions.

d. We must receive email notification more than 21 days before your original course start date if you wish to transfer any fees or deposits paid to a later course start date (subject to availability). 

e. If you have booked accommodation and wish to postpone your arrival date, we cannot guarantee that the same accommodation will be available for your new arrival/ course start date. 

f. We will attempt to place you in the same accommodation or very similar accommodation.  

a. Please see sections below about insurance and freezing your course. 



a. Our full Health & Safety Policy is available upon request.  

b. Our school building does not permit access for wheelchair users.

c. We reserve the right not to accept a student if we feel there are any concerns about their health, safety or wellbeing while at our school or any accommodation we may provide for them. 

d. We are able to teach students who are partially sighted or have some hearing loss. Please contact us before booking your course to discuss any specific requirements. 

e. We are able to teach students with mild forms of learning difficulties, such as dyslexia and ADHD and mild forms of mental health issues. Only you and/ or your parent/ carer know the level of support you need.

f. It is your responsibility to inform us of any specific requirements you have and we will advise you if our courses are suitable.  



a. We reserve the right to postpone, change or cancel a course or accommodation or other service offered without liability if obliged to by circumstances beyond our reasonable control - a force majeure event; including, but not limited to, extreme weather conditions, labour disputes, natural disasters or terrorism.  

b. We will strive to make alternative arrangements as soon as practically possible. This could include a postponed start date until after the force majeure event or a different location/ venue.

c. We cannot be held responsible for any changes to your course and/ or other services booked by us or flight/ travel arrangements that may be affected by the force majeure event.  



a. We recommend that you arrange full travel insurance before arriving in the UK. 

b. You should consider insurance cover for course cancellation, accommodation cancellation, early departure, medical treatment, emergency dental treatment, loss/ damage to personal belongings, money, personal liability etc. This above list is not exhaustive; you may want to consider other insurance. 

c. Please see our website or email for details of student travel insurance we can offer you. 

d. Any insurance fees/ premiums paid to us are non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

e. We will not be liable to pay any refunds and you will be responsible for any fees payable and also to resolve any problems or difficulties if you do not have adequate insurance cover. 



a. The maximum number of students in group classes is 16. 

b. In exceptional circumstances, we may exceed 16 students by 1 student, so that the total number of students is 17, for no more than two days.

c. The maximum number of students in Private English classes is 3. 

d. Closed group class sizes can be arranged as requested.



a. We make every effort to ensure that our published courses run and we accept your booking in the knowledge that we have availability for the course you intend to take. 

b. If class numbers fall below 5 students, however, we reserve the right to merge classes, postpone, change or cancel your course or accommodation or other service offered without liability. 

c. We may offer you an alternative course of equal value, which may include private lessons or a course at an alternative venue. 

d. We will refund course fees and registration fees, if you decide an alternative course or venue is not satisfactory. 

e. We will not refund any other fees incurred by you; including, but not limited to, accommodation fees, bank transfers, insurance premiums, flights or other travel arrangements. 



a. Promotional offers are valid from the day of advertisement and strictly for any period detailed within the offer.

b. Discounts cannot be applied retrospectively to existing bookings.



a. We, or our representatives, may take photographs and videos of classes or other school activities. 

b. We may also ask you to participate in video testimonials during your time with us. 

c. We may use these for educational and/ or promotional purposes. 

d. We will never use your full name and may use an alias in order to safeguard your privacy. 

e. Please email to tell us if you agree with Lexis using photos or videos of you as described above. 

Lexis School of English