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Terms & Conditions for Private Classes

  1. By enrolling on a private course you automatically confirm that you agree to the school’s terms and conditions
  2. Registration Fees per person, payable only on new bookings. Course Fees per booking. All courses and fees are strictly non transferable. All courses must be booked & paid for in advance
  3. Private classes can be booked in bundles (10/20/30/40/50); minimum bundle 10 hours. Each lesson is 60 min long  
  4. British Council regulations require a copy of your passport; including your contact details in the UK. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes immediately. We will also request a passport sized photo
  5. 1½ hour lessons or longer normally include a short break of approximately 5 minutes every 45 minutes; to be agreed between teacher and student/s at the start of the course
  6. If you wish to re-schedule a lesson, please notify the school office as early as possible, giving at least 24 hours notice between 9am & 5pm Mon to Fri 020 8346 9802,
  7. If you wish to cancel, change or postpone your booking 10 working days or more before the start of your course, we will refund your course fees; less the registration fee paid 
  8. If you wish to cancel, change or postpone your booking and you give us less than 10 working days notice before the start of your course, we will deduct 20% of the total fees payable plus 2 hours’ tuition fees
  9. No refunds are available should you wish to cancel your course after its commencement
  10. Course extensions will only be given for absence of 5 consecutive days or more due to illness by providing a UK doctor’s certificate
  11. All payments must be made in Sterling (GBP £). If paying via bank transfer payment must include all bank transfer charges and bank administration fees     

a. We, or our representatives, may take photographs and videos of classes, accommodation managed by Lexis School of English or other school activities. 

b. We may also ask you to participate in video testimonials during your time with us. 

c. We may use these for educational and/ or promotional purposes. 

d. We will never use your full name and may use an alias in order to safeguard your privacy. 

e. Please email to tell us if you agree to Lexis using photos or videos of you as above.                                       


Extended T&C’s for overseas bookings

  1. If you have to cancel, change or postpone your booking because of a visa refusal, we will refund your fees in full, except for a £150 administration charge
  2. Official documentation - original or PDF Home Office or British Embassy visa refusal letter must be received by the school Director at least 5 working days before the start of your course
  3. No extensions will be given if you have to travel back to your home country for any reason. Please see section 15 of our Full Time Course T&C’s, which provides information on insurance cover you should consider


All students must abide by the above terms and conditions


Lexis School of English