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Specialist English Courses in London

The main objective of English for specific purposes is to prepare students to read and comprehend their own field materials in English without any or at least little difficulty. 

What is ESP?

English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a branch of English Language Teaching, which in turn is divided into two main branches:


English for Academic Purposes

such as Medicine, Engineering, Theology, etc.

English for Occupational Purposes

such as English for secretaries, technicians, etc.

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(EAP classes are available for closed groups and 1-1s. Please email the school for more information)

EAP - A Definition

EAP, short for English for Academic Purposes, is the English which is needed to start a college, university or research programme. It's mostly associated with preparation for undergraduate study ( pre-sessional courses, i.e. ones which take place before the study begins). To learn EAP, students need to acquire a set of specific linguistic skills for communicating effectively in academic contexts.

Who is this course for?

If you want to pursue higher education in a college or a university where programs are taught in English, you’ll need to demonstrate a certain level of EAP. One way to do this is to take an EAP course and complete an exam to receive a certificate indicating your language skills.

In addition to the focus on academic vocabulary, you’ll need to develop study skills like listening and reading for note taking, writing summaries and composing critical essays, presenting ideas, participating in debates and many other crucial abilities for university study.

Our EAP classes include areas such as academic reading skills, listening and taking notes, writing summaries, justifying opinions, interpreting graphical information and writing essays. Learners may need specific preparation for an external test they will take to prove their ability to study in English, such as IELTS.

What will you learn?

  Academic English vocabulary

  Essay writing

  Reading for academic purposes

  Academic listening and speaking skills

 Not sure if you should take an Academic English Course?

The reason why you should study EAP is because you want to study or plan to study a specific subject in English. Being at university or college it involves reading, speaking and most of all writing.  In EAP, there will almost always be a strong emphasis on study skills, in particular learner autonomy and critical thinking.

EAP vs. General English
Aspect EAP General English
Aims Meet the needs of particular learners Improves overall knowledge of English
Reason for study To study a certain subject, in order to enter university For personal or professional reasons
Course focus Needs driven Level driven
Time Short, fixed Extended, flexible
Skills focus Reading and writing All skills but predominately Listening and speaking
Approach Academic, genre based, objective Social/conversational, topic based, creative
Learning skills  Study skills, especially learner autonomy and critical thinking None, or limited to language learning skills


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(EOP classes are available for closed groups and 1-1s. Please email the school for more information)

EOP - A Definition

English for Occupational Purposes is a branch of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) and covers situations in which learners are studying English for work related reasons. The courses are based on an analysis of their specific communicative needs in their work.

Who is this course for?

​If you're working at an international company​ now or planning to in the future, there's a good chance you'll ​need to use English at some point. Our courses take a look at the essential things to look for ​when choosing an English course to help you with your work.

The courses are based on an analysis of their specific communicative needs in their work. For example, a waiter dealing with foreign clients might need to:

  • describe the content of dishes on the menu and the way they are cooked (It's pasta with seafood cooked in a white wine and cream sauce)
  • understand and respond appropriately to requests and orders (Can we have a bottle of the house white?)
  • ask about requirements (Would you like coffee?) etc.

What will you learn?

Our EOP courses will help ​you develop vocabulary ​and the ​communication skills necessary for specific jobs or work tasks. EOP courses can be :
English for Nursing
English for Shop-floor Staff
English for Accountants

Where communicative needs become more complex, the courses may become more specific, not aiming to deal with the full range of needs involved in the job, but just with one area.


Business English classes in particular, may focus on specific skills eg :

English for Sales Presentations
English for Business Reports
Negotiation Skills in English

Alternatively, the courses may focus on the more general needs of a specific industry :

English for Banking and Finance
Legal English
English for Military Purposes
English for the Oil Industry

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