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English for Specific Purposes

Available for small groups & One-to-One lessons

The ESP courses at Lexis are designed to help you improve your English in a specific professional context. Like all our courses the ESP courses are equally designed to deliver effective lessons with the objective of giving you the ability to improve the English language skills you need to use in different contexts in the work place with confidence.

What is the difference between an ESP course and Business English?

A Business English course tends to provide a general approach to formal English, ESP courses are workplace-specific and focus on how English is used in various fields such as law and the travel industry.



ESP courses key facts
  • Classes are taught in small groups of up to 6 people or in one-to-ones
  • Teachers use techniques like role-plays, case studies and real life projects to helps students in their chosen field
  • Hours and duration are flexible
  • Course length and start date are flexible


English for Travel and Tourism Online 
  • For the tourist - practical English for all your travelling and holiday needs e.g booking flights, hotels, asking for directions, ordering meals, buying souvenir, etc.
  • For the professional - learn the vocabulary and language skills for working with customers and colleagues in the tourism industry


English for Academic Purposes Online 

Being aware of the Language Needs of the Students

These courses will enable you: 

  • to develop your language proficiency
  • to undertake studies at a university of your choice
  • to function adequately in the workplace

Our English for Academic Purposes online course will help you to reach the academic standards in English necessary to follow a course at a university where English is the main or only medium of tuition. 

Since the courses are a 1-1 or very small groups (max. 4 students), the course can be tailored to suit your particular area of study at your chosen institution. You will learn both course-specific language and more general academic terminology required for studying at university level. 

This course can be combined with preparation for the IELTS Academic Module. 



Our Online Classes

  • Minimum entry level requirement: Intermediate (B2) 
  • For small groups  & One-to-One lessons from Monday to Friday with a flexible timetable for the different global time zones
  • Evening and Saturday classes are available
  • Bespoke virtual courses
  • You can choose to study on your own using our Self Study Zone or in a blended learning programme, where we combine online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with well-versed place-based classroom methods


Zoom conferencing technology

Our Virtual Classroom is powered by Zoom conferencing technology. Our experienced teachers use effective online teaching methods with a variety of purpose built online teaching platforms and also PowerPoint presentations, video clips, customised teaching materials, course books and authentic supplementary materials.

This level of care and support for our students transcends to our Virtual Classrooms aiming to continue to meet our students’ needs. We deliver high-quality course content suitable for professionals who wish to boost their career, for students who wish to invest in their future and for all those ambitious people who want to keep learning.

You will need:

  • A computer, large tablet or smartphone with a broadband connection of 10mbs or more
  • We recommend the use of headphones as they cancel the surrounding noise
  • A webcam, if your computer does not have  a camera

How to sign up:

Live face-to-face English lessons via Zoom
See here to sign up:

You will receive a link to your email address which will allow you to access the classes.

Terms & Conditions

You confirm you have read, understood and agree to these terms and conditions of enrolment and our school policies when booking a Lexis English Online course at Lexis School of English:

  • These terms and conditions apply only to our online courses. If you purchase a face to face course our standard terms and conditions apply
  • Our course options are described on our website. A course is defined by the course type and course length
  • A course booking can be for group classes or for private classes or a combination of both
  • All courses are offered subject to availability; Lexis School of English reserves the right to merge classes, postpone, change or cancel your course or other service offered without liability; In such circumstances, we may offer you an alternative course of equal value
  • Course fees are only refundable if you are dissatisfied with the course and contact us at You must not have completed more than three hours of study in order to receive a refund
  • Course fees must be paid in full at least one week before the start date
  • It is not possible to pause your course or take a holiday during your course
  • If you have booked your course through an agent, their terms and conditions may apply to you. We reserve the right to apply our own terms and conditions
  • We reserve the right to take any reasonable action that is appropriate if any situation has not been covered by these terms and conditions
  • You must have a good internet connection and you are responsible for downloading the relevant software. No compensation will be offered due to connectivity issues and you not being able to participate in the online lessons
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